Agree On App

The Challenge

Agree On a mobile app that allows people to track shared expensed with friends and family such as bills, IOUS and expenses. The founder of Agree On approached me initially to polish the prototype and later improve the experience over time through user feedback. Our first meeting revealed opportunities to improve aspects of the experience at the start, rather than later. The goal expanded from designing an aesthetically pleasing product to a more functional app.
The Approach

Our first several meetings focused on the purpose of the app, the intended range of money tracked, and the challenges the founder was facing. Visually, the app was missing a sense of security that is expected with a financial app, and also a component that would engage the user to keep coming back. Experience-wise, too many pop-ups and a want to clearly communicate payment states.


We went through wireframe iterations to refine the layout of each page become jumping in to aesthetics. Frames that went through significant changes were the home screen, now showing colorized owe and owed payments, and payment frames which became more of a profile page for the friends and family you connect with. The add transaction frame became an interactive sentence with ease of adding multiple people to a transaction. We also simplified the seven 'payment states” from icons, which felt complex and confusing, to colorized words

The Outcome

Agree On has come a long way since version 1.0, and there is more work ahead. While we were able to get in-person feedback on version 2.0 from a small sample of users, A B testing and further iteration will be necessary to launch the product. We look forward to building on user feedback, taking the app to launch and beyond.

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