The Challenge

Leash Anchor offers a solution to a problem all dog owners face when needing to stop on a walk: “How do I safely and easily secure my pet?” Leash Anchor is a convenient and durable stake that connects to a dogs leash and easily pushes in to the ground, temporarily “anchoring” them in place. I collaborated with the creator of Leash Anchor to develop a responsive website and address communication challenges around how the product works .
The Approach

Our main goal with Leash Anchor dot com was to create an introduction to the product. After a discussing a number of options from wireframes, we ultimately felt a simple landing page approach that communicated what the product is, how it works, common use cases and a purchase button to the Amazon store page would be the most effective.
We built a brand system around a logo and the color of the product which had already existed. The main green came from the product color and utilized large colorful images with similar fade treatment for text.

Certain elements of the site provided challenges. On desktop, the banner image and call-to-action worked harmoniously, but on mobile and tablet the call-to-action obstructed the image. We decided to make a separate instance where the information would be appear below the image but “above the fold” for smaller devices.

The Outcome
LeashAnchor dot com has recently launched and is sold on Amazon dot com. We created an attractive hang tag for the product with assembly instructions. Our next steps are creating product awareness and getting Amazon.com reviews. Expect more developments from LeashAnchor soon!

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