Kaiser Permanente's Technology Risk Office

The Challenge
Kaiser Permanente (KP) is one of the United States’ leading health care providers serving more than 10 million members nationwide. The Technology Risk Office (TRO) ensures the systems that store members’ personal health information and the technology that enables care delivery is protected from vulnerabilities and data breaches. As a new department, the Technology Risk Office needed to establish a suite of communication materials that would help define their role and value among employees and business partners in other areas of Kaiser Permanente.
The Approach

Originally, teams within the Technology Risk Office each had their own suite of materials that felt detached from one another and Kaiser Permanente as a whole. Meetings with leaders revealed there needed to be clarity on communicating a consistent message and new materials would also need to be created to bridge this gap. We began by refreshing imagery, presentation and email templates.

The nature of protecting a health care organization from vulnerabilities and breaches is serious and constantly evolving. It was critical that the Technology Risk Office represent security and cutting-edge capabilities, with the ability to update materials as their strategy evolves. Using “Kaiser Permanente blue” as a primary color paired with photography reconnected TRO to the KP brand and gave real life context to the areas of work sense. One of the challenges was selecting a set of photography that best represented very technical areas of work. These elements are used consistently throughout various touch-points.

New communications channels were created with the same visual philosophy. A strategy document and website was developed for staff that help define a common goal for staff. Presentations with leave-behind documents were created to engage partners in other areas of Kaiser Permanente. Additionally,we worked with leaders to design infographics that would clearly represent data in important presentations.


With a new set of communications materials, the Technology Risk Office is able to communicate their mission with employees and services to partners in external Kaiser Permanente departments.

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