Technology Risk Office Conference

The Challenge
Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers serving more than 10 million members in the United States. The Technology Risk Office (TRO) is tasked with maintaining Kaiser Permanente data security by evaluating and improving defense of digital technology. In February 2015 the TRO held their second all-hands conference with the theme “The Stage is Set”, celebrating the foundation of value brought to Kaiser Permanente, now poised for even greater accomplishments moving forward. The challenge was developing a conference that created excitement about the future, but was also a unique experience. I collaborated with a small team to develop the theme and marketing, while I lead presentation and collateral design. Over 600 people attended the event in Concord, California. including employees, business partners and the Vice President of Kaiser Permanente Information Technology.

The Approach - Conference 2016

The conference needed have a business objective, promote collaboration and be a fun experience. We developed a music themed experience called “The State is Set” , which addressed the past and future, promoted collaboration and was fun as well. 


Key note presentations for Executives were framed as “Power Chords”, while shorter presentations by a project team were framed as “Jam Sessions”. Attendees got a “VIP lanyard” as their name tag, album artwork style collateral.  


We ended the conference by transforming the lobby in to an all-out bar lounge space. Complete with pool tables, arcades, food, drinks, swanky furniture and an actual vip lounge room.  

The Approach - Conference 2015

Originally, teams within the Technology Risk Office each had their own suite of materials that felt detached from one another and Kaiser Permanente as a whole. Meetings with leaders revealed there needed to be clarity on communicating a consistent message and new materials would also be needed to be created to bridge this gap. We began by refreshing imagery, presentation and email templates.


The conference was a great success. Attendees were impressed with the level of quality of presentations, creativity and effort put in to the event. Over 600 people attended the event in Concord, California. including employees, business partners and Kaiser Permanente leadership.

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