I am:  
A Senior Product Designer with a focus on web application platforms. I have 10 years of experience as a designer at small start-ups, and enterprise companies. I'm currently a Senior Designer at EvoText Education. Previously I was a Visual Designer at Kaiser Permanente Health Care, and a Brand Designer at RUVED Supplements before that. I actively work on web and product design with my own clients. 

I am skilled in:  
Interface design, user experience, design systems, and being a friendly, positive team member. 

I love:
Understanding user pain-points from research or testing, and using design to help them succeed in using that product or workflow by making information and actions more clear. 

I'm interested in: 
Companies whose products benefit people's lives in industries that include education, healthcare, security, finance, and other areas. 

In my next role: 
I want to work in-house on a product team for a web or mobile application who have established an end-to-end design process. I want to grow my skills in prototyping, and potentially collaborate with a UX Researcher analyzing and applying feedback from usability tests or focus groups. 
Thanks for seined me a message! I'll respond within 24-48 hours.
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