Heya! I'm Matt Opsahl, a Senior Product Designer of web application platforms @Kiavi.
My Primary Skills.
User Experience Design 
I love designing new product features or workflows that address users needs and pain-points, while supporting OKRs and business outcomes.
Interface Design 
I love making interfaces with information hierarchy that guide's a user while leveraging design system patterns. (I started out as a Graphic and Brand Designer, so visual design will always be a core skill.)
Conducting Research 
I love asking users questions about what users do, how they work, while seeing what is helping them or blocking them in their experience. I always learn something new when I synthesize their insights in to recommendations and solutions.
What Sets Me Apart.
I can own the end-to-end design process.
I can self-manage on research, presenting to stakeholders, designing, testing, and pairing with Engineering during development.
I can solve complex problems.  
I have contributed to macro solutions to problems that scale large platforms, and micro solutions for task and technical logic problems. I navigated complex problem spacing in areas of fin-tech and education.
I align my work to business impact.
Wether presenting research findings to stakeholders, or contributing design to a project, I discuss my work in the context of the projects goals while doing my best to speak the business language of my stakeholder partners.
I can navigate cross-functional team and org work.  
I have experience working at large nation-wide organizations and start-ups whose teams range from 5 people to 80 people.
My Work & Impact.
Case Studies with visuals available upon request.
Project: Enhancing Kiavi's Loan Application flow to achieve customer and revenue growth. 
I contributed to driving growth & revenue numbers for Kiavi's New Construction customer segment by enhancing the experience of our loan application flow and interface.​​​​​​​

Company: Kiavi Inc (Prop/Fin Tech)
Project Type: Growth Team
Contributions: UI & UX Design, UX Writing
Project: Research & Business Pitch to reduce disbursal time of property rehab funds from 6 days to 1 day.
I demonstrated how to reduce fund disbursement time from 6 days to 1 day by driving a research project and facilitating an executive presentation to Kiavi Leadership.​​​​​​​

Company: Kiavi Inc (Prop/Fin Tech)
Project Type: Research and Business Case
Contributions: User interviews, Data Analysis, Prototype, Business Proposal
Project: Saving Kiavi's loan processing team 10 mins of work per loan by prototyping and testing a new email integration.
I saved 10 mins of work time per loan for Kiavi's Loan Processing Team by designing, prototyping, and testing an email integration to send customers required changes.​​​​​​​

Company: Kiavi Inc (Prop/Fin Tech)
Project Type: End-to-End Design Process
Contributions: Interviews, Prototype, Heat-mapping, UX Design
Project: Rebranding Kiavi's Customer App in 3 months in cross-functional collaboration.
I contributed to rebranding Kiavi's customer-facing loan app in 3 months by collaborating in a cross-functional effort with 80 members of our tech org.​​​​​​​

Company: Kiavi Inc (Prop/Fin Tech)
Project Type: Cross-Functional Project
Contributions: UI Design, Responsive Design, Design Systems
Project: Launching Content2Classroom Web Application in 3 months (used by 1 Million educators and students.)
I collaborated with EvoText Education's product team to launch an MVP of Content2Classroom in just 3 months. I led UI and UX design for 2 applications which allowed textbook publishers to build digital textbooks, and a corresponding app for Classrooms to access their digital learning materials. I helped scale Content2Classrooms features over 3 years as our end-user base grew to 1 million in the United States & Canada.

Company: EvoText (Ed-Tech)
Project Type: Product Launch
Contributions: Product Design
Request Case Studies or set up an interview with me.
About Matt Opsahl 
I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Kiavi where I drive ux efficiencies of loan processing tasks for our back-office application, and customer growth and business revenue through our customer portal. I have 15 years of Design Experience at start-ups and enterprise companies.

I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife and son.

Email Matt: matt@mattopsahl.com
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